study tested yoga course

the most asked questions is "where do i starT?...."

I've made it easy for you. 10 Days to Yoga is a ten-day, video guided course that explains and practices basic yoga and movement principles. The ultimate goal of this video course is to educate the viewer by providing a foundation for an individualized at home yoga practice.

We will cover topics such as learning how to create good lifestyle habits, improve cardiovascular health by moving with your breath, and eventually even string along your own sequence of poses without the guide of a teacher!  Join me in this educational course and watch how much you can grow in just 10 short days. 

Course Overview:

Day 1: Maximizing Breath Benefits

Day 2: Sun Salutations, A

Day 3: Sun Salutations, B

Day 4: How to Flow

Day 5: Balance and Core Strength

Day 6: Transitions

Day 7: Lower Body Flow

Day 8: Upper Body Flow

Day 9: Whole Body Flow

Day 10: *Bonus* Standing Balance

Course includes:

10 Study Tested Yoga Lessons ranging from 15-20 minutes each

Lifetime access to the videos from any smart device

Email Question Consultation with me to further guide you along