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I recently started asking for contributions through a crowd funding platform called Patreon.  Patreon allows people like to me still put out affordable content, but it also allows those interested in receiving  affordable content to contribute what they can. Patreon offers two options: 

      1. You can pledge a set amount of money ($5, $10 etc) as a one time donation.

      2. You can choose to donate a few dollars monthly (as little as $1) and steadily contribute to the growth of this community.

Your contribution will allow me the freedom to continue doing free classes, videos and as we continue to grow- so much more

If you can contribute even a dollar here and there, the amount of help that will bring is incredible.

If you cannot, you are more than welcome to keep enjoying the free content because that whats its here for.  Thank you for your consideration in investing.  I promise your contribution will not go unnoticed. 


Love yas,